We ran into Dj Suspense at a recent listening party held by Louisville’s Sasha Renee. In this interview Suspense breaks down how he got into the Djing business, his tools for the trade, new projects and what hes been up too lately plus more.

Peace Dj Suspence how did you get your start in Djing?

Djing is actually something I’ve always wanted to since I was in elementary school, but just always put it off as not having enough money or time to invest in the necessary equipment. But I was always around it helping to promote parties. One day I was hanging at a party with a friend who was Djing that night and I made a sarcastic comment that when I learned to DJ I was gonna be the best in the city, he immediately showed me the basic function on the DJ controller he was using and told me to try it out while he went outside and left me there until the club closed. Kind of a baptism by fire, but when it was over one of the guys there that night asked me if it was my first time DJing and that he thought that I’d been Djing for a while already.. from there I knew it was time to take it serious.

Do you make beats?

I’m not making any beats as of yet. That’s something I’ve experimented with back when I was in college, but I didn’t really have the patience to learn the craft. So it’s definitely something that I’ll be get back into in the future.

What type of genres of music do you play?

I play just about any type of genre of music. I have some gigs where I’m playing trap music, classic hip hop music, R&B, pop, rock, etc.. It really all depends on the type of crowd. I’ll always cater to the type of crowd I’m playing music for.

What does moble dj set consist of? Favorite piece of audio gear?

It really just depends on the Dj’s preference the booking request. Some may roll with a set of CDJ’s and a mixer, or a set of Ranes (Digital Turntables) and a mixer. I personally just roll with a Pioneer controller so I only have one main piece of equipment. I’d bring a set of speakers if needed as well.

Can I send you my music to play? Where do i send it??

Absolutely, you can send to djsuspence502@gmail.com

Favorite home town club(s), radio program(s) or podcasts ect.

My favorite home town club would have to be The Hideout and Nirvana, both in the Highlands. My favorite radio program here would have to be “Speak On It Radio” on Power106FMKY. I’m also a part of the station, so there’s some bias there, lol.

Favorite podcast??

This is an easy one… “The Ball and Beatz Podcast”, because it’s my podcast, lol. But really outside of that one, I think that the “35&KY Sports Podcast” is one of the premier podcast in not only the city but the entire region. Those guys are doing some really dope things with their platform and should definitely be on the lookout for more things that they have coming in the future.

What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps??

The advice that I would give is to make sure to get out and network even when not working a gig. It’s hard in the beginning to get consistent bookings for gigs so you have to go out with a purpose to make connections with promoters around the city to get known. All
it takes is the right person giving you a shot and things will start rolling in faster than you may expect.

Last song you had on repeat?

This songs gets a lot of flack, but I’ve had the Old Town Road Remix on repeat a bunch. The song is just a dope vibe to me.

Hidden talents??

Hmmm… That’s a good one, I’m not sure that I have any hidden talents, lol. Maybe being able to bend my thumb back really really far?

Last words or shouts??

Definitely shoutout to my crew, the ELITEgiance, Power 106FMKY, and all the listeners of the Ball and Beatz Podcast!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: DJ Suspense