Today we’re thrilled to introduce to you Louisville hip-hop artist and fellow fm radio dj/host RMLLW2LLZ (pronounced Romell with 2 LL’s). Recently he dropped a new video for a single release called ‘So Amerikkka’ off his upcoming LP Concerto No. 9 Movement II due out in August. The video addresses racism, politics and every day life struggles. Peep the Q&A add the fam on your social networks please share the music and be sure to check for the full album…

Peace Romell, where you from and where is home now??

Peace fam… I’m originally from Racine, Wisconsin, but I’ma current resident of Louisville, KY.

What records would you suggest of yours for someone who’s not familiar with your catalog of work.. what should they go check out?

I would definitely say check out “Black Fist White Bullet”. It’s one of my personal favorites. I would also suggest So Amerikkan, it’s my newest single off of my soph lp Concerto No.9 Movement II set to release in August. Then I suggest poking around my whole catalog, I’m sure you will hear something you like!

Who makes your beats what is your process when choosing joints to record on??

I like to work with creative people so I have worked with a plethora of producers in and around KY. I have also made records with producers outside the country like my man Brain Concepts in Madrid Spain and DJ 33 UK in the United Kingdom. Right now I’m currently working with my favorite producer yet, no disrespect to the others, Eons D! I’m telling you this guy is the absolute pinnacle of production in Louisville, and we have an amazing project in the works!!

My process is pretty simple… I never force it.. I always want to give you me so i keep it simple and honest… My material is always inspired by my life or someone close to me so it’s ever evolving, which makes for easy song writing.

What do you feel about the authenticity of the documentation of hip hop history over the years.. and the state of hip hop today?

It’s as simple as this, hip hop is what it was and it’s now what it is, and thats art! So it shouldn’t stay the same right? Especially when it’s coming from so many different vessels. The state of hip hop is alive and well, it’s the message and the image that is suffering…

Can you describe the hiphop scene in the Ville..are there any changes would you like to see?

The hip hop scene in Louisville is growing. That’s the best way to describe it! Every week we get a new artist or two and the fact that someone else is sharing their art publicly is exciting! I personally wouldn’t change a thing!

You dj at an FM radio station? Can you tell us about that?

Yeah man gladly. Some of my closest commrades and I host a radio show on 97.1 fm WXOX Louisville called I and Eye Radio… We air every Tuesday night from 10pm to midnight! if you want to rock with us online, or download the free WXOX app in your device store! We play all the record the big heads can’t! lol We get to choose what we want to play. We are currently in our third year as a show and our second year live on the air! This too is a dream come true! I love radio…

Can heads submit music for play? How do they go about sending your music?

Fa sho bruh! check 1,2, send all submissions to
Write Submission in the subject line. We’ll give it a listen and if it fits we spin it!

All time fav emcee? In your opinion who is the goat DJ/MC group?

My all time favorite emcee is Black Thought / Sean Price.. Two sides to the same beast! The goat DJ/Emcee combo is Guru and Primo hands down! GangStarr!!

Any shows coming up? How can promoters get in touch?

Yeah g the summer is packed! you can check out my calendar on my website and you can track me on BandsInTown to get all my show announcements first! I can be reached at or you can contact me through the contact form on my website ..

Any last words of wisdom for our readers.. shouts outs?

Never stop dreamin! Shout out to my family they’re my inspiration every day! Give yourselves a hand for rocking with me on the dope journey, it doesn’t happen with out your support as fans! My Sincerest Thank You!! Stop by my website and grab yourself something nice!! and tune in this and every Tuesday for another episode of I and Eye Radio on 97.1fm WXOX!!!

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