M-Dot gained exposure touring Switzerland as the opener for Krumb Snatcha (Gangstarr Foundation) in the mid 2000s. Since then he’s collaborated with the who’s who of respected rap groups. M-Dot consistently tours overseas and has built a worldwide audience. M-Dot breaks down the concept behind his last lp “Ego And The Enemy”, his plans for producing music for films and shares some of his favorite hip hop spots at home and more.

Peace M-DOT where’s home?

Boston, Massachusetts!! Currently I live in Beverly but originally grew up in East Boston, Revere & Lynn.

How long you been in the game and how did you get your start?

Been quite some time haha. My first booked show was back in 2003 with my group EMS (still active). Before that I had been writing since about 1998 and then learning to record/mix my own records around 2000.

Where you signed to any major labels??

I’ve never been on a major label. Previously I’ve been signed to SoulSpazm (formerly Rawkus Records) for a few releases. Currently I’m under Own Lane Musics’ imprint (based out of Worcester but now has relocated to Florida). Own Lane Music has been the best move for me to date. Couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished and what’s yet to come.

Explain the concept behind “Ego And The Enemy”?

It’s all about pride. It’s the downfall of any empire and everyday (more then ever in the social media era) we are obsessed with appearance and acceptance. At the end of the day false bravado, envy and the obsession with competing with others accolades is what can conversely internally destroy us.

“Ego and the Enemy” for me was a dark reflection of the vast insecurities (cars, chicks, money, possessions) we have as artists/rappers. When realistically the only real way to succeed is compete solely with yourself and your own expectations. Nothing else matters if you focus on your own goals and tasks.

Anything outstanding happen to you with the last few months you’d like to share?

I was sent a beat by 88 Keys to jump on by an artist whose featuring me. Was privileged to headline the Middle East downstairs for the first time (after many years in Boston it was my first time headlining the famous venue). And was contacted by a homie Desi (producer) to start doing some more music for upcoming TV shows & movies. A lot of cool stuff additionally.

Your long term goals as an artist?

To make the most impactful projects that resonate with listeners emotionally. Hopefully leave lasting music that can help people through parts of their day.

Best place(s) to eat and hear some hip hop in Boston??

Blue room (Everett). Middle East (Cambridge). Subway Cypher (Boston orange line). Too many spots to list.

What artist would we be surprised to find on your personal playlist?

Tears for fears.

Favorite classic mixtape dj??

I really dug Clinton Sparks early tapes (plus he’s from Mass). Dj Green Lantern as well always had heat.

Last words or shouts??

Peace to my crew EMS. My city Boston. My label Own Lane Music. The big 3…Rev & DJ Workshard. Most important…my girl Nicole and my 3 children John, Kadence & Makaria. Thank y’all for having me.

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