Peace Marissa where is home?

Born in NY, but raised in Jersey. I was a bit of a gypsy and moved around quite a bit while in Jersey, but now I’m settled in South Jersey close to Atlantic City.

Can you explain your day to day activities at MJs HipHop Connex?

Well right now with MJs Hip Hop Connex it is just me so the daily move is round the clock 24/7. I provide radio campaigns, blog and magazine placement, artist development, social media marketing, website developing and management and more. The excitement comes from juggling PR work for up and coming artists, established indie artists, as well as major artists like Billy Danze, Rampage, and Haas G.

How long you been in the business?

MJ has been around the block and back for quite some time, however MJs Hip Hop Connex has been in business going on 7+ years.

What tools, resources or music app you just cant live without and helps your work more efficiently?

So many! Obviously social media for one. I strongly believe if you are not networking and building on a daily basis there will be no growth or development within yourself, brand, or music. I also rely on a several sites that keep me in tune with worldwide radio station listings as well as different blog and magazine sites.

How far ahead do you plan when working on a strategy for an album or song release?

As the PR rep at times I have to educate the artist on the most effective strategy. I need at least one full month for the proper planning to ensure smooth sailing, exposure, and overall success.

Can you name some artist projects that take up most of your time now?

Right now Rampage recently released a new single titled “We Out” and Haas G aka Fantom of the Beat released his producers album “Audiodrome.” A lot of my energy is focused on those projects right now and next month my gears will switch over to Billy Danze when he releases the 2nd single (13 singles) off #TheBillyDanzeProject.

Any set backs in this business?

I would have to say not enough hours in the day or night! Right now I am a one WOman show. Other than that I am blessed to work with such a diverse group of artists.

Advice you’d give someone aspiring to work in your field?

Yes, man or woman, you must man up! This is an extremely competitive industry and it’s not intended for the weak or easily intimidated. Be strong, know your strengths and execute them while you accept your weakness and grind through them until they become a strength.

Last song you had on repeat?

Termanology “Lonely At The Top” off his “Bad Decisions” LP

Favorite beverage?

I’m boring when it comes to beverages unless you add alcohol to it. I’m a water girl all day.

Favorite TV show?

TV, what’s that?? I rarely watch TV, there’s just no interest there. When I do turn it on it’s usually a documentary on serial killers (I majored in Criminal Justice).

Shout outs or last words?

Most definitely! I want to first thank you for this opportunity. I want to thank myself for keep, pushing on days I want to fall back. I want to thank all the artists, radio stations, dj’s, magazines, promoters, and other esteemed PR reps for their continued support, and collaborative efforts.

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EDITOR: La Mont R.
IMAGE: MJs Hip Hop Connex