Meet Case Bloom one of four resident DJ’s and co-manager of Nashville’s monthly hip hop event The Boom Bap. He tells us about his first lab set up, favorite food spot, his role at Tucker & Bloom, what it’s like djing with NFL legend Eddie George and more. Also this weekend June 9th, he will be spinning for the official Wu-tang Tour after party.

Peace Case Bloom where are you from?

I moved to Nashville when I was a kid from Brooklyn NY. I grew up mostly here in Nashville but moved to Philly in my 20s before coming back to take care of my dad.

When did you start DJing and what was your first set up?

My first turntable was a wooden belt driven Sanyo. I guess my first DJ gig was my sisters Bat-mitzvah when I was 15. My neighbor Amerigo Gazaway had turntables in high school I used to mess around on after school, but I didn’t really start DJing out until I was in college.

Your also an entrepreneur what other businesses do have? Explain?

I am a bag designer. My father worked for Coach, Valentino, and a bunch of other companies including Hartman Luggage. We actually moved here because he go a job at Hartman Luggage when they were still based in TN ( The office used to be in Lebanon TN). Through a random series of events I ended up going into business with him and starting Tucker & Bloom Bags. He is retired now but I still make and sell bags from our East Nashville factory. We focus on every day carry items like backpacks and messenger bags. Most of the bag options fit records and we sell to DJs all over the world. Check us out here.

What would you say was the biggest most craziest dj gig you ever had? Who with?

The biggest gigs aren’t necessarily the craziest, but I’ve played on some large stages and with headliners who are hero’s of mine. Those stand out in different ways for different reasons. A couple years ago I had some main stage slots at Bonnaroo, those we’re the biggest crowds I’ve played for. The craziest gig I’ve had recently was DJing a wedding for a friend of mine, and having the venue owner threaten me physically while I was trying to play music for the party. DJing is being able to roll with the situation.

How was djing with Eddie George we think he got skills?

Eddie is the man! What a nice guy, and he knows how to rock the party too.

What’s up with the Wu Tang after party how did that come about? Who are the guest djs??

The Wu Tang After party is June 9th at the Back Corner. La Tha Darkman reached out to my partner in The Boom Bap DJ Rate and pulled me in. The other DJs are Kidsmeal and Sound Bwoi two Nashville OGs. I’m excited to rock.

Last song you had on repeat??

Shuggie Otis “out uh mi hed” is currently on repeat.

Favorite super villian?

Dr Doom!

Favorite food spot in Nashville?

Favorite spot is Arnolds Country Kitchen.

Advice for someone wanting to following in your footsteps?

You can’t plan for any of this, you can just learn to adjust. Best advice is to do work you are proud of. You might not be here tomorrow so at the least make today count.

Shout outs?

Shouts to anyone who’s supported me over the years. Thank you for the interview!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: DJ Case Bloom