Peace Karniege where’s home?

Originally Brooklyn New York.

How long you been in the game and how did you get your start?

Been recording since early 2000’s & putting out music independently since 03′. I got into music just by always being surrounded by it. I’ve always loved music growing up, it was inevitable for me to become an artist myself.

For those unfamiliar with you what should they go check out first?

I would recommend to check out my last project entitled “Break Beats & Fly Rhymes” which I produced as well. You can find it and other releases on my bandcamp page.

Are you signed to any labels??

Not Signed to any Labels.

What was your deal with Definitive Jux? Can you explain?

Sure I can explain, at the time what I had going on w/ Def Jux was a Single Deal which was entitled “Make News” that also was featured on the Def Jux 3 Presents.

The single layout was pretty cool, the Vinyl had two 2 songs on each side by both artist. One side had 2 songs from Aesop Rock.

Then the other side had my songs “Make News” & “Bazooka, Chameleon Robot” that featured Aesop & El-P. That song can be heard on the mastered 10yr. Anniversary album entitled “From The Left” which is a collaborative project w/ myself & Nasa who is the producer of “Make News”.

Any new projects in the works?

Yeah a few projects couple of Ep’s, some Instrumental projects & of course my solo Album..

Favorite mixtape Dj?

Dj Clue!

What artist would we be surprised to find on your personal playlist?

Roy Ayres…

What’s the last thing you purchased online?

A Drum kit.

Favorite classic hip hop group??

Wu-Tang Clan.

Last words or shouts??

Shout out my family for the years of love & support. Shout out to the people that’s taking the time to read this interview.

Shout out everyone who has a desire to do more than the average, keep pushing everyday your getting closer & closer.

Mostly shout out to the old & new listener who still supports the music. Thanks Mr. L Reed for wanting to interview me, much appreciated.

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IMAGE: Karniege