On one listen to CHAMPION DEGREE…If lyrics flow and heroin beats are what you love you can’t go wrong with O The Great. With haunting mood driven vibes reminiscent of 90s RZA and flowetics that seem to take you to a 37th chamber. If rap and emceeing is the game…in its areana..The Great One is adding his flavor to the mix and taking HIP HOP forward while giving a feeling of bringing it back to the future….Now You Go figure…three thumbs up…

Peace O The Great where you from?

Peace, and thank you for this interview. I am from Port Chester, New York.

How long you been emceeing??

I’ve been Emceeing for about almost 20 years.

Where do you find your sounds for beats? You make them??

I am mostly an emcee but I do make beats. Look out for my fisrt and self produced album I will be releasing soon. I like experimenting with sounds and samples so if i hear something from a movie, or radio, I’ll look it up and make the necessary changes to fit what im looking for, whether its adding something or changing pitches, etc.

Anything outstanding happen to you within the last month or so we
should know about?

I recently did an interview with Gueriila Grooves Radio which was really dope. Peace and Respect to everyone over there for having me as a guest for the show. Its only the second interview i’ve ever done, My fisrt interview was with Rhythmix Radio in VA Peace to them. This would be the third, so thats pretty outstanding as well lol.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

As an Emcee in three words, I would describe myself as, eager, witty, and humble. I have a lot of respect for this culture Hip Hop, I am definitely a student and pay homage to the ones that’s done it before me.

Any shows or tours coming up?

No shows or tours at the moment, but if anyone is looking to book me, you can just contact me @othegreat on Instagram and just Leave me a message and I will reply.

If you could have a superpower like being invisible or flying, which would you choose?

Good question, lol, there is so many but it would prolly be to teleport or shape shift, something crazy like that.

Favorite super villian?

My Favorite super villian would have to be Star- Lord Peter Jason Quill from the Guardians of The Galaxy.

Last song you had on repeat?

Besides one of my own, the last song I had on repeat was “Respiration” by Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) feat. Common.

Last words of advice? Or shout outs?

Shout out to you for this interview, shout out To My Team Alpha Magneto, Shadow Magnetic and Alphabetic,”Hip Hop Needs Alpha Magneto” it’s available now on AlphaMagneto.com. Salute! to All the Emcees and Producers I’ve worked with, and will work with, Olde English, Supreme Cerebral, Banish Habitual, Ralphie Reese, Vinny Vendetta, Jamil Honesty, XP The Marxman, Kaoss, Prxspect, Freemind.

Shout out to everyone that sees the vision and thats been supporting the movement, I truly appreciate it. Last Words for today would be a quote from the Great DMX “Do You”.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: O The Great