Peace Mike where’s home?

I reside in Louisville but spend about a week in Los Angeles every other month and contemplating making a permanent move to LA.

Whats OKTV about? Location?

OKTV launched about a year ago. It is based in Santa Monica. OKTV is a general entertainment network that offers both original and retro content for the entire family with an “urban” slant to it. OKTV is on ROKU, Direct TV, Giniko, Twiggi.. apps on your phone and mobile devices and most smart TV’s plus some over the air channels in various markets. Visit I came on board as GM in August after providing some content for the network. I made a visit to LA back in June and while there met with Xavier Mitchell the founder and CEO and we “clicked”.

How long have you been in this business?

Been in the TV biz as a producer, distributor and syndicator for over 20 years. Prior to TV I was in radio first with B-96 and Magic 101 and for those who remember HOT 104.. Louisville’s first hip hop station I was the general sales mgr.

Can you drop some names of celebrities you’ve worked with?

We’ve promoted shows with Master P, The Wild Boyz and Dru Hill just to name a few. As far as TV I produced some shows that aired locally such as Got Musica, Noche De Salsa and What’s UP Spike and Studio Mix. I then started representing other producers as their distributor/syndicator. I distributed the TV Johnny and Paul Wall Show. TV Johnny is the king of bling that custom makes blinged out watches, Grillz and chains for many hip hop stars and NBA stars. Many Houston based rappers were featured on the show and we even shot one episode at the Playboy Mansion to make a custom grill for Kendra. I did some work with Miss Toi (best known from Ice Cube’s major hit “YOU CAN DO IT”). Another show I distributed was Enfoque Musical. It was produced by Abraham Quintanilla (father of Selena). The show featured The Kumbia Kings with AB Quintanilla (Selena’s brother). It was a show at their studios in Corpus Christi TX. Presently I am working with Joran Eugenio, aka “Lil Jordan”. I have worked with Jordan since he was 6 years old and a childhood golf prodigy, he has also been recording for 15 years. Another notable name is Mickey Mixin Olvier known as the “godfather” of house music, the London Observer named him one of the 10 most influential DJ’s of all time and he even has a street in downtown Chicago named after him. I distributed his TV Show Intensi T. We also had a live Stage Show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas of the same name. Many major stars in the rap world are featured in a few other shows I distributed namely On The Mike and B4 The Fame. Interviews with DJ Kahlid, Pit Bull, Flo Rida and many more.

What is your role at WHO?MAG/WHO?MAGTV?

I first met Rob Schwartz probably about 10 years ago and have placed his shows Who?Mag, DMTV and Video Visions and many digital network and over the air channels in the USA, Caribbean, Europe and Africa. Whenever I think I can find more distribution I call Rob and try to put the deal together.

Favorite netflix show? Any connection?

REAL ROB starring Rob Schneider. It’s hilarious and the only connection is I am familiar with many of the location shoots in and around LA.

Where can my readers contact you?

Readers can contact me at:

Your goals for the remainder of 2019?

Continue to build OKTV, have some other shows being considered for some major networks that I hope come to fruition and continually look for new content and keep myself educated on new platforms.

Last word of advice or shout outs??

Trust your gut turn and IGNORE the playa haters. Surround yourself with positive people.

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