Hip Hop don’t stop the tide won’t subside,
Infectious thus all of us taking the ride..
See it’s hot like Curry It’ll glide like Clyde
Here there everywhere round the globe world wide..
Its the power…
You cant sleep on this force…the international liaison to the youth and people all
over the planet from NYC to Asia…to EU…and beyond..
Maybe even the galaxy for all we know. Like basketball it’s appeal has
qualities that cant be denied. We caught up with Emapea from Poland who caught the bug in
the nineties…and has never turned back..microphone check one two one two…

Peace Emapea where you from and how long have you been producing?

Peace La Mont Reed. I’m from Roztocze, Poland. I have been doing my thing since the late 90s.

How did you get started?

One day I was listening to some hip-hop music and i notice it was looped and I was wondering why..I had no idea about sampling. Sometime later I saw music software by accident. I started to play with it. I found out about samplers later and got myself MPC. There was nobody in my area who could teach me how to make beats, it was before the internet era. I’m an audio addict…

How do you describe your sound?

People say my music reminds them of many different genres some I haven’t heard about
before… hip-hop is the core of my sound.

Your musical influences?

I’m influenced by classic hip-hop producers and good music from all around the world.
The list would be long…

How is the music scene in Poland?

The music scene in Poland it’s ok. It’s dynamic and eclectic.

Would you recommend USA artists too tour there in Poland?

Yes, there’re many USA artists who visit Poland. Worldwide artists are welcome.

What projects are you working on now? Your creative process?

My second instrumental LP it’s nearly done. I’ll release it with Cold Busted same label as I released my first one called “Seeds, Roots & Fruits”. I vibe In my home lab chilling wit records, samplers and a PC.. I dig for analog sounds as well as digital..

Who do you hope to reach with your music describe your ideal fan?

I don’t know really… I’m doing my thing with no fan target, but I appreciate any form of support… I guess my beats could be for anybody who feeling them… If you diggin my music go and tell your mama…

Where do you see yourself in the next year or so?

I’ll continue to do what I’m doing, it’s all I know. We’ll see what happens.

Any last words of advice or shouts?

Shouts to Mrcpromo, fans of my music and people of good will.. all the best.

“Seeds, Roots & Fruits” Released by Cold Busted, Audio Stream via Bandcamp. (Orange Vinyl available)

1. Emapea – Laka
2. Emapea – Stinky Freaky Sticky Icky
3. Emapea – Jazzy
4. Emapea – Orange
5. Emapea – Ruffneck Madness
6. Emapea – Strange Seed
7. Emapea – Yugen
8. Emapea – Enjoy
9. Emapea – Smooth Walk
10. Emapea – Sun Is Life
11. Emapea – Timewarp
12. Emapea – What The Funk
13. Emapea – Workout Theme
14. Emapea – Good Old Days
15. Emapea – Milky Haze
16. Emapea – Baby Mind

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IMAGE: Emapea