He’s been making Hip-Hop, R&B and Electronic music for over 10 years. Some hip hop artist he’s produced for are Skyzoo, Moka Only, Big Pooh of Little Brother, Torae, Reks, Wordsworth of EMC, Craig G, M-Dot, Kin4Life and many more. In this interview we cover producer Reconize real. He tells us about his influences, finding new sounds for beats and what he does in his spare time. Check out Reckonize Real’s new album “Bridges & Tunnels” out now!

Peace Reckonize Real where’s home?

Flushing, Queens, New York!

How did start out making beats what or who gave you the inspiration to be a producer??

I started as a dj spinning break-beats. Deff Cutz really showed me the ropes on using software and sampling but I’ve always been heavily into music so it came naturally. 9th Wonder’s music was a big catalyst in my early years but Havoc of Mobb Deep’s production has always been the biggest influence.

Any mentors, how do you keep your skills sharp as a producer?

Yeah, Deff Cutz as mentioned above. And YouTube tutorials, especially when learning new software or hardware. Haha.

For those who aren’t familiar with your production what should they check out first?

My latest project Bridges & Tunnels! Then go back to the Guilty Simpson and Moka Only ep’s. You won’t be disappointed.

Where do you look for new sounds?

Everywhere. I still actively dig for vinyl and through the many stacks I’ve already acquired. YouTube of course, especially for those choice sound bites. But my secret is elevators! Anytime I’m in an elevator, I have Shazam on standby.

Last thing you purchased online?

An Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. Im a watch wholesaler. I buy, fix up and sell high end watches. Yup.

Favorite drank? Smoke?

I don’t smoke much anymore. I’m a drinker. Whiskey is my drank.

Any books, videos or podcast you check out to keep your business game sharp?

Nothing really besides music and comedy stuff lately. I’ve read a bunch of books though. I’d recommend, All you need to know about the music business by Donald Passman. Managing Your Mind is another book I’d recommend, just to focus and prioritize in life, cant recall the author but it helped me through anxiety.

Any advice you’d give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Be humble. Don’t get discouraged. Never force the music. I guess.

Last words or shout outs?

Major shout to all the great platforms, dj’s, podcasts and blogs sharing my music and those like you interested in it enough to pick my brain. Appreciate all the listeners and supporters. Shout to all the artists and people behind the scenes that contributed to my recent album Bridges & Tunnels which just dropped through Fatbeats on 7/19. We made something special!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Reckonize Real