How and when did you get into event promoting?

Event promoting came to me when I was working security at the Mercury Ballroom and Louisville Palace, we had a lot Urban Acts coming to the city a lot of people was like I didn’t no this or that show was coming so I took it personal to help get the the information out..

What’s Urban Voices Radio about? Do you have a team?

Urban Voices is a platform to highlight black excellence, positivity, and entrepreneurship within the Urban Community and being able to tell our own story, the Team consist of Brad Harrison, Urban Journalist, he also has Urban Maxx magazine, Tiandra Mil-Robb, marketing manager/ Host, myself, schedule coordinator and Host.

How did you get involved with the Real Music Festival?

I became apart of the Real Music Festival because the Urban Radios provided media coverage, also I’m apart of a Mr Yola management team, he open up for the concert.

Who performed?

Performers where Mr. Yola, Mya, Mase, Plies, Rick Ross, Lil Kim, Ja Rule, Ashanti.

What type of budget would i need to bring in those type of artists???

The Budget, it depends on who you trying to bring and what type of venue you trying to have it at.

About how big was the crowd at the Rupp?

10,000 sold out crowd.

Any standout moments at the concert?

Standout moment was after the show Ja Rule spoke to Mr. Yola candidly for an hour about the ups and downs in the music business.

What are some setbacks when putting on these types of events?

I’d say the Louisville market is a hard sell because we buy tickets at the last minute, most of the major artist go off presale tickets..

Whats next for you?

What’s next for me is trying to create a platform that supports Local Artist more…continue to help manage Mr. Yola the kid is very talented, also keep supporting black excellence in the community., working on a project for single mothers raising Young Black Men!!!

Can artists send you music for features on your show?

Yes, Urban Voices Radio supports all Independent Artist.

Words of advice or shout outs?

Shout out to y’all for having this interview, Shout out to Urban Voices/Urban Maxx, for the platform so we can highlight all the good within the Urban Community, Shout out to everyone who trying to make our community better, shout to My Family without them I’m nothing.

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