We got to rap with the DJ. He gives some advice on how to stay in the game, how he got to down with djing for the legend and more. Big Up to Dj Kaos, manager and team for the interview please share!

Peace, Dj Kaos where you from?

Louisville, Kentucky….

Do you have a musical background ,when did you start djing?

Yes. I started Djing when I was 7 years old. Growing up, music was like oxygen and I breathed in every song played.

How many hours do you practice?

A lot! I usually do warm up sets before gigs to make sure the equipment is stable and the sound is strong and clean. I’m more of a party Dj so practicing alone in a room gets boring. Having an audience to play for is a must for me.

Do you have a certain record(s) or routine that always gets the crowd going?

No. Only because I treat each crowd as if they were individuals. Some you have to warm up, some you have to talk to, some are ready from start. I play to different people until the music touches everyone.

How’d you start djing for Slick Rick?

There was a Legends of Hip Hop Show that came thru Louisville about 14 years ago. The radio station needed turntables for the event to which I humbly provided. After setting up the turntables, I got a call from a friend who told me Kurtis Blow needed someone to play his records during his show. Needless to say I agreed. Before the show started it began to pour down raining. I gathered all the groups together and proceeded to lead the “Legends” in prayer. I don’t recall what I said however it must have been impactful because although the rain didn’t stop, the show went off without a problem.

People stood in the rain watching one of the dopest Hip Hop shows ever that evening. That prayer also caught the attention of Slick Rick’s road manager at the time. After the show, he asked for my card and a week later I received a call from Slick Rick’s manager inviting me to come to NY and the rest is history!!!

Any crazy tour stories while on road with the Ruler?

No crazy stories. We’re a down to earth, humble, and respectful crew so we usually get that same type of energy back wherever we go.

Who are some other hot artists in your hood?

Louisville KY has a lot of dope artists. Bryson Tiller, Producer NES, Native & Father Jah, Sharklivin Ent., RMLLW2LLZ, Nova, Sincere, Nick Vibes, etc. I could go on forever. It’s also the birth place of (RIP) Static Major, Digital Black & Smokey of the classic R&B group Playa.

Best emcee/ dj team in your opinion ever?

Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

Any advice on having longevity as a dj in the hip-hop game?

Yes. Stay true to your passion and your gift. Stay up on technology. Do good business and be respectful to everyone regardless of how you may feel about them. Let others tell you how dope you are not the other way around. Never give up.

Can artists submit you tracks for consideration?

I advise artists to be more hands on about their projects. Find out who the Dj cliques and crews are in your market and build relationships with them (Shout out to The ELITEgiance Dj Crew in KY.)

Shouts outs or last words?

Yes. Surround your self with a strong team of individuals who see value in and want better for you. Strengthen your Faith and go for yours! Appreciate those who help you and make sure you enjoy what you do. Shout-out to Slick Rick The Ruler, Amanda Aragones of the Endeavor Agency. My Manager Keith D. Pepper Sr. of LaKeith Entertainement and my Social Media Guru B. Pepper. Last and most importantly God, my wife Neicey Ford, family, fans & friends.

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EDITOR: Kirah Scott