In this interview we got to ask Northwest rapper and weed activist ExZac Change some questions about his music his crew and the city he represents..

Thanks for taking time out for the interview ExZac Change, How did you get the name?

My producer friend Matt aka UnalienatedLabor gave it to me. Just thought it was a clever play on words with my name, which is Zac.

Do you produce and emcee?

I don’t produce. I write, record & perform. But will be getting into the production end of things soon enough.

Who is Matisse? Do yo have a crew?

Yes I do. Matisse is a super talented emcee that I’ve been working with consistently for about 5 years. Most of my closest friends are talented emcees.

Can you describe for us the hip-hop scene in your area? Are there legal event venues for smokers?

Funny you ask we actually performed at a marijuana industry party last night! All the free weed and weed infused food you could possibly think of. I love my city.

Tell us about your new release In Love ?

Well we love to smoke weed so we made a song about our love for it haha. It’s a short track which will actually be the intro to our ” Best buds EP”.

Who came up with the concept for Future Echoes?

Iyzlow Matisse! He wrote and recorded the song.

Any crazy smoke stories from the studio?

Nah haha. We are usually very focused and professional in the studio.

Where do you see your movement in a couple of years? What are your goals as an artist?

In a few years I can see us on the road performing across the country. My goal is to save up $15,000 in my bank account and then quit my job and go do music across the country.

show you ever performed at? Any shows or tours coming up?

Yo I got to meet Dead Prez so that was probably the dopest show I’ve ever performed at.

How should event promoters, agents or other artist contact you? Do you do collabs?

They can contact my manager James at I do work with other artists but I prefer when they send music to my manager so I can listen to it and if I like it I’ll be in contact.

Last word or shout outs?

Yo shout-out to y’all for the love! Look out for the best buds EP releasing in September. Date TBD.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: ExZac Change