Today’s interview we cover “The Need To Know Podcast” hosted by Savon, Alex and Steph. They discuss current events in pop culture, dating as a millennial, weekly events, upcoming creatives in music, comedy, art, journalism and more.

Hello Steph, where you from?

Queens get the money always…

What’s The Need to Know podcast about?

Culture talk, music and the ins and outs of dating and relationships as a millennial ..

Who and how do you pick the guests and what subjects to talk about?

Since we have to keep up with what’s current in the culture, we source a lot of our topics from blogs and news platforms. As far as guests go, we receive inquiries and try to get to know the story/background of the person on the other side of the screen before making a concrete decision. We try to grab interesting people who are moving and shaking in a particular industry: music, fitness, lifestyle, beauty, etc.

What are some popular or hot topics?

DEFINITELY relationships, or the way men and women interact with each other on a romantic level. (whether committed, single or figuring it out)

Are you affiliated with Joe Buddens Podcast? Explain??

In a way, yes. While the two shows have never collaborated per se, Savon is a producer for Joe’s podcast.

What are people saying about the show? Have you received any criticism about cursing or using the n word, what would you say to someone if they had an issue?

Something that comes up a lot is the fact that people love our chemistry – they always think we’ve known each other for years. They also appreciate our authenticity, in that each host is their own person. We haven’t received any backlash about explicit language – I think a lot of our target audience speak the same way we do.

What do you hope your audience gain from the show?

We definitely hope to widen the perspective. Our name says it all “The Need to Know Podcast” we like to dive deep, we like to “go there.” We also just like to have fun! We stretch the boundaries, and stay true to ourselves. Although we have very unique outlooks, we pride ourselves on presenting our opinions in a way that everyone can be heard and we either find common ground or at least respect where the other person stands.

What are you doing when your not doing the podcast?

I scour the web for acting and production opportunities.. so I go on a a lot of auditions and always have a gig to run to. I am still building myself as a creative and personality so I am constantly looking to build my skill set. I am also a writer and enjoy dancing. (I go to dance class at least once a week)

Your goals for the podcast??

To be a voice for the culture and a platform to promote people doing dope shit.

Words of advice or shout outs??

Work hard and stay consistent – also use your voice! God gave it to you for a reason!

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