Peace Taylor Bee what’s is your role at BEE TV: A Platform for the Truth?

I am the Founder and Sole Owner and Operator of Bee TV: A Platform for the Truth, which I officially started in 2016.

Where are you based?

I am based in Philadelphia, PA but of course I’m Universal!

How did you get started in the business?

I felt that there was a void in the industry that left real hip hop behind. There was also so much going on in the world that was affecting our community. I wanted to start something that could make a difference with both those things. I created Bee TV Mini Series, that consist of two shows, BEECAUSE (Brings Enlightenment Empowerment Causing All Unity to Stay Encouraged) and The Artist Spot.

Who chooses the content for BEE TV? How does one get on?

I choose the content for Bee TV Sometimes my supporters send me stories that I post also. Bee TV and I are one in the same so anyone that wants to be on the show or network they have to contact me directly. They can do so by visiting the website or visiting the official FB page and messaging me.

Any favorite campaigns you’ve worked on or artists you’ve worked with?

I’ve worked with several artist and had them featured on my show, The Artist Spot. Artist: Uneeke Kenetic, and Gold Fingaz out of West Trenton, Live Starr out of NYC, Roi Lush from the Main Line, where I also grew up. I work with mostly independent artist. I hosted the 2nd Annual Hip Hop (Ladies Of Vital Exception L.O.V.E) Generationz Panel in NYC with Vital Grounds, a company that supports and keeps Hip Hop alive.

That was pretty dope because I got to share QueenzUp with the ladies on the panel. QueenzUp is a movement that I started to change the dynamic of how women interact with one another symbolizing Empowerment, Respect, Sisterhood, and Uplifting Queenz. I have a line of Queenz Up T-Shirts, Totes, and Stickers.

What do you foresee being the most impactful trend in the music or TV industry in the coming year?

My feeling is that real hip hop is making a comeback. I feel that with Wu having their 25 anniversary year, and Nas dropping new records, the untimely and unfortunate death of Nipsy Hussle (RIP), I feel a shift coming, more older school artist are emerging. Even some of the new generation have the style and feeling, so that’s exciting to me!

Favorite classic hip hop track or artist(s)?

Obviously my favorite group of all time is Wu-Tang Clan, my favorite from the clan is Rza, I really connect with his style of music.

If you could choose between two super powers like flying or turning invisible which one would you pick?

I guess I would want be able to fly, that sounds pretty cool!

Goals for the remainder of 2019?

I have so much I am working on. I have an album out currently that dropped last November that is still doing really well, Hidden Knowledge Vol 3. Uneeke Kenetic featuring Taylor Bee on Drew Smitty Rhyme Committi Records. I am currently working on my debut EP Bee Ready, which is slated to drop in June. The Bee TV Mini Series (The Artist Spot, and Bee Cause) will be starting up after the EP drops.

Last word or shouts?

Just want all the people to stay encouraged and work together. Peace to all my supporters. Peace to Uneeke Kenetic my other half of Kenetic n Bee. Everyone look out for the EP late spring.

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EDITOR: La Mont R.
IMAGE: Taylor Bee