Canadian Hip-Hop pioneer Mathematik re-enters the spotlight with his new record Realishim, produced by REAZHUN, the follow up to his buzzworthy LP, No Division. In this interview the veteran emcee tells us about new projects, what he hope his fans gain from the new music, who his favorite super villians are and more.

Peace Mathematik where you from?

I’m from Toronto Canada, spent my early years in a borough called Flemington Park, but was raised on the east side of Scarborough in Malvern.

Tell us the concept behind ‘ReAL/iS-HiM’?

The concept behind ReAL/iS-HiM is as much a visual concept as a play on words, in the sense that, I’m breaking down the word to havetwo meanings: that I am true to myself and in my approach to the music, and to show how I artistically manipulate words to show my style.

Who makes your beats?

All production on this album is done by a Producer who is a long time brethren of mine by the name of REAZHUN, and as usual all the cuts are done by myself.

What do you want people take away from this new release?

What I want people to take from this album is my perspective of life from a boom bap point of view. I want listeners to feel good, have a sense of awareness and positivity, and be motivated.

Any shows or tours coming up?

I have an upcoming show on May the 4th, 2019, in Toronto at Adelaide Hall, located at 260 Adelaide St. West with music by DJ GROUCH featuring myself and Nitty Scott. No tours to mention as of yet.

Your most embarrassing moment during a show??

My most embarrassing moment on stage I would say would be a time that I mixed down some music and pressed them on dub plates last minute, but not realizing they were all way too bass heavy, then after giving it my all on stage only to find out afterwards that nobody could hear me under all that bass from the music.

If you could have a superpower like being invisible or flying, which would you choose?”

If could have any super power it would that of Jean Grey when evolved into the Phoenix.

Favorite super villian?

My favourite super villain is Megatron. (MF DOOM a close second).

Last song you had on repeat?

Last song I had on repeat was Proud of Me, from Conway the Machine off of Eat What You Kill 2.

Last words of advice? Or shout outs?

Peace! Thanks for the opportunity to converse with you and I hope everyone on your side gets to take in my latest project, give me a follow on IG @therealmathematik . And let’s all continue to strive to be the greatest example of the royalty we’ve descended from, for the children, the planet and future generations to come.

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