Meet Vegan Chef Yourhighness Tafari consultant, educator, speaker, plant activist and Rastafari. In this interview he explains how he got in the business, favorite music and his passion for bringing organic vegan cuisine to the masses please share.

Peace Yourhighness Tafari where Home?

Born and raised in Tampa, Fl. Grew up in Nuccio (East Tampa area).

How long have you been a Vegan chef and how did you begin learning nutrition and cooking? Did you have mentors??

I’ve been a Vegan/Puritarian chef since March 2014. I begin learning nutrition and cooking in May 1998. The way in which it happened was through the revelation of Rastafari, a natural way of life centered around a heritage of Righteousness through Emperor Haile Selassie The First of Ethiopia. No I didn’t have mentors, but when I began, I had some of my homies from high school around me that had already been living this way.

Tell us about the Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen who’s it for?

The Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen is an all Vegan/Puritarian catering and delivery food service. We’ve been in business since March 2014 as well. We started out as primarily an all delivery food service; delivering food to customers mostly at the workplace Mon-Thurs.

In addition to primarily being caterers, we also regularly participate in open-air fresh markets, large vegan festivals, conduct our own pop up shops throughout the area, and host the world’s first and only, all vegan interactive cooking show entitled, “Melodious Eats: Vegan Cooking Show” which streams live worldwide (where applicable) on Facebook Live periodically every month. Vegg’d Out is mostly for anyone seeking improvement overall. Anyone who values their health and seek to live a knowledgeable, prosperous life.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a vegan diet?

Seek education in order to know exactly what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it.

What are some must staples of a vegan diet?

Leafy green veggies, fresh fruit, fresh herbs, and water.

Any other hidden talents?

MC’in (Rap), I Love basketball, I have a passion for digital video production (shooting, editing, etc.), I possess a strong passion for the Truth and love to express, defend, and spread it. I’m a playwriter and love to act. Basically, anything creative through the arts. I love to Reason and discover the sources and primary motivating factors behind human behaviors.

Your favorite meal(s)?

Heavy nutrient dense foods.

Favorite hip hop or reggae artist(s)? Why??

Hip Hop: There are many. If I had to name three, I would say Killah Priest, Prodigy, and Pac. Reggae: Midnite, and Sizzla. Why on both genres? Because of the Heightzful content in their music and just overall Hard!

Any projects or events you have planned for the future?

Yes, “SourceTalk Saturday”. A town hall meeting style, live open forum community discussion show dealing with the issues that are proving to be detrimental to our community the only way we know how to, by getting to the Source of them. The next show is Saturday, 6/8/19 at the Seminole Heights Library from 6-9p.

It also streams live worldwide (where applicable) on FB Live. We’ll (Vegg’d Out Vegan Kitchen) be participating in “Vegandale” this upcoming Summer in Miami, Fl on 7/13/19. It’s one of the largest vegan food festivals in the nation. Working on a few other projects as well that the public will see in the very near future.

Last words of advice or shout outs??

Shout out to my Parents who has always had my back from day one, and to this day assist us with Vegg’d Out whenever possible. Shout out to my Sister, and our Co-Owner/Pastry Chef Erica Cobb. The company literally would not be at the point we currently are without her sacrifice, work, good attitude, and dedication. Shout out to one of the original founders of Vegg’d Out, and my close, great Ladyfriend Karima Brown.

She’s added so much value to the company with her food making skills, ingenuity, and support throughout the time. She assists me Spiritually as well, which is a tremendous help. Advice… let Righteous Principles guide your works and steps. You cannot lose or go wrong with that approach because they represent a constant force for you to always lean on, which never waiver.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Chef Yourhighness Tafari