You may know of him from his production with the iconic Guru of Gangstarr, Group Home or Big Shug, other famous emcees he’s blessed with tracks are Krumsnatcha, Wildelux, C-Rayz Walz and more.. You might have seen him out spinning wax in the L.A. club scene, or at a park event or on urban radio ect. ect.. here’s the update on what the homie’s been up too lately. Check it out yall.. team MRC chops it up with the legendary dj/producer Lord Ron..

Q. MRCPROMO: Peace Lord Ron thanks for taking time out for our readers, how are you fam?
A. DJLORDRON: Peace peace. Here we are once again and it’s appreciated. Word. I’m good man. Just staying in my lane. Thanks for asking.

Q. MRCPROMO: For the heads who aren’t familiar with your catalog of work what would you suggest they go peep?
A. DJLORDRON: I’ll say check for it all. And they will get that chance because I’m about to put the entire works I’ve done up on Audio Mack, all for free. And I truly thank and respect those who did buy my joints when they where previously released in the 90’s and through out the 00’s.. be it in the streets, gigs or online..

Q. MRCPROMO: That track Concrete Bars you put out a few years back with C-Rayz Walz was crack.. will we see anything else from you two?
A. DJLORDRON: Thanx. That’s one of my favorite joints I produced. Oh yea, we will create something again. No doubt. That’s the Rough Camp, Partners N’ Rhyme family. It will be special just like “Protect My Family” & “It’z Da RCP” cause we are family before this music shit.

Q. MRCPROMO: What projects are you working on ..any new releases we should know about?
A. DJLORDRON: About to do some joints with the fams, the Group Home, & that’s all I can say on that for the moment. When Dap & Melachi are ready. I’ll be ready too. I just released a free instrumental trilogy entitled “Raw (Straight from Da MPC-60 II)” I, II & III.

Lost beats I found at my crib while doing some Spring cleaning. There will be more instrumentals coming too. These beats are straight raw from the floppy disks. No studio sessions, separation of tracks, no mixing and mastering. Just raw beats like I created at that time.

Q. MRCPROMO: The beats you recently found and sent us are fire.. if say a head wanted to rep on one of those joints would you be open to giving a listen?? Do you take submissions where should an artist send tracks?
A. DJLORDRON: Thanx. Right on. Hell yea I’ll listen. That would be dope. And for music submission. They can send to:

Q. MRCPROMO: What clubs can we find Dj Lord Ron spinning at these days? Any tours?
A. DJLORDRON: DJing monthly in Hermosa Beach with promoter Leggo of Kick Rocks Ent.​, at Pedones​. I’m​ DJing​ booked gigs for parties, events, functions​ plus ​I’ll be DJing some of Group Home’s shows coming up​… I promote my gigs through my social media at IG & Twitter @djlordron…

Q. MRCPROMO: Who is one of the hottest artist on the L.A. underground hip-hop scene at the moment?
A. DJLORDRON: I like Lady Tee’s movement. She understands the business and is controlling her destiny. She can rock rhymes and she can rock live on stage.

Q. MRCPROMO: What was the last record you purchased and where was it?
A: DJLORDRON: I bought Aurra’s album that was shelved for unknown reasons other than those who truly know why it was not released. Anyway, the album “Satisfaction” was recorded in 1983 & produced by the almighty Steve Washington. I was in Amoeba’s during the holiday Xmas season last year and came across it. Snatched that bad boy up. It’s a solid album too. “Turn The Lights Down Low” would have made a dope single in 1983. I dj that joint at these party gigs in 2017.

Q. MRCPROMO: How do you feel about the hip-hop world in general.. if you had one wish what would you change?
A. DJLORDRON: The game has some positive & negative elements. Nature of the biz. Just new players.. I just focus on the positive and stay in my lane. That’s how one adds on to the game and culture. Minding ya own thang.

I feel it’s gotten away from it’s core value & that’s the DJ. All groups ran with a DJ in the 1st & 2nd generations. That would be my wish. Return the culture back to the DJ and do without the recording industry. Just hip hop, out in the park and out in the clubs. DJs running’ their own crews. I still rock it like that though..

Q. MRCPROMO: Any last words for our readers shout outs??
A. DJLORDRON: Check for the mixtapes on Mixcloud & also at Preserving The Culture and there are 120 of them to date. I have a R&B radio show on Tuesdays on Local Astronauts called “The Living Room” playing slow jams or just good grooves. Local Astronauts took a mini-positive biz break and everything is back up and running now. Support that site and check for the other shows as well.

The show format is mainly 60’s to 80’s but there will be joints played from the 90’s to now too. I was always a fan of the legend Mr. Frankie Crocker since the 70’s so I wanted to create a voice along that lane. Check for the website Shout out to the supporters, the readers. Check out the family’s DJ Double KK master mixes on YouTube.

Raw (Straight from Da MPC-60 II) Inst. 1

1. LaRon’s Theme (Calculated Thoughtz) 2:18
2. Funky Backbone Scratch (DJ Salute) 2:36
3. Global Warnin’ (Hell Raisin’) 2:14
4. Funk ’78 2:00
5. Sweet Kandy Jane 1:56
6. 4Ward Movement (Sagittarian I’m) 2:32
7. Flowz Like Water2:07
8. Telepathy (From Da Left) 1:12
9. Wild LA West (City Hustlerz) 2:24
10. Thirty Sixth Street (The Place) 2:30
11. Computer Glitch (Da Devil’z 3rd Eye) 3:58

Straight From Da MPC-60 II – PT. 2  |  PT. 3

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Dj Lord Ron