Earlier this month Nashville Rapper kid DEAD took time out with CINNIC of MRC at his studio to discuss his new project release ‘Cut the Kite Stringwhy this new project was deep and personal.. his battle with drugs and coming clean, also plans for a new upcoming tour this summer.. and the new industry and music and how they collide.

without further ado.. folks..kid DEAD.

Q. MRCPROMO: Do you have political angles in your music?
A. KIDDEAD: I’m a anarchist..LOL..yea i definitely get political.. I dont go extremely specific but you can definitely hear a damn the man.. fuck the system theme going throughout all of my music I feel like…

Q. MRCPROMO: So what does Kid Dead mean???
A. KIDDEAD: I got clean 6 1/2 years ago I use to go by my aerosol artist name which was called ACCENT, when I got clean i let go of that and change my name to Kid Dead.. is what i came up with. There are different meanings.. I was kinda like an angry sad dude, I had been a drug addict for ten years and I got clean.. also it means like killing the kid inside of me..

Q. MRCPROMO: Where you doing music when you were addicted?
A. KIDDEAD: Yea but i could never really get myself anywhere, I think i recorded maybe 3 or 4 songs .. they were all really shitty home recordings.. I could never get an actual set together to play a show.. i would go to freestyle open mics and freestyle and rap my written stuff.. I would just like party real hard .. I was too fucked up all the time …

Q. MRCPROMO: You seen the new artist trend in Nashville right.. a lot of artists put out one song now, how do you think that affects the industry? Like mixtapes aren’t official..
A. KIDDEAD: I think its easier for anybody to do music. There is a ton of music out there its like a double edge ..like there is to much stuff to decipher whats good and whats bad.. the other side is that it gives people opportunity that normally wouldn’t get them…people that normally wouldn’t get heard.. they have a platform.. like the internet has giving people who deserve a platform..one they didn’t have before.. but it also makes it hard to sift through the garbage..

Q. MRCPROMO: Back to the album , the first video that’s already come out is called ‘Snow in Florida’ .. what does Florida have to do with you and TN??
A. KIDDEAD: I’m from Tallahassee fl, and it never snows in Florida. I came from a family of drug use ..and alot of cocaine.. cocaine ruined my parents life or my dad’s life.. that’s a really personal song for me …I shot that video in Iceland.. its mostly pieced together footage i did ..picked a few spots in Iceland.. I had my buddy shot me rapping and pieced it together by myself..

Q. MRCPROMO: Who are your producers on this album?
A. KIDDEAD: I have one main producer he goes by Phantom farmer.. Joel McNulty he did all my last album.. for this album i went a different way ..i actually produced half the tracks myself.. and then Joel co-produced with me.. I had three other producers who worked with me on this album.. this guy i-Alive from Philly and then Adder from L.A. and PT Burnem from Richmond Virginia.. It was a collaborative effort..those are all buddies of mind.. those are all people i’ve met through touring.. I toured with Adder and i-Alive specifically.. play alot of shows with PT…

When does the video drop for this Rap is a Pipe Bomb drop?
A. KIDDEAD: That comes out this week , actually tomorrow april 10th… we haven’t told anybody ..its a surprise dropping it ..

Q. MRCPROMO: Why ‘This Rap is a Pipe Bomb’? Is it for all the music or a specific song?
A. KIDDEAD: Its for a specific song …man its my most powerful song ..there’s an anarchist folk punk band called ‘This Bike is a Pipe Bomb’ that I grew up listening too.. so its a play off of that.. im really punk influenced ..its my most intense strongest powerful song.. its a straight 3 and a half minute song of rappin..its just hard rappin on a really dirty raw beat ..
It spans a-lot of topics.. I talk about the struggles of touring and also you know fuck the police…lol..some anarchist shit man..that’s like my manifesto right there..This Rap is a Pipe Bomb..

Q. MRCPROMO: How many songs on the LP where is it available?
A. KIDDEAD: Its ten tracks, it’s on bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify everywhere you can get music on the internet..it’s for a charge…but you can stream it for free..we’ll have it on soundcloud and youtube ..

Q. MRCPROMO: Run the Jewels is the most deserving success stories of 2016, and they give a lot of their music away what are your thoughts on that?
A. KIDDEAD: They really are an anomaly man.. there’re something special, they’re both really incredible artists, they’ve been doing it for so long and they both kind of died down.. both had previous albums out.. they weren’t as big as they use to be at one point..they had a renaissance with the Run The Jewels man .. they found something that really work for them.. and ran with it ..

Q. MRCPROMO: Run the Jewels aren’t punk or anarchist.. but they have that vibe like fuck the system.. would you say that you have that kind of vibe?
A. KIDDEAD: About the same.. we’re on the same vibe definitely ..

Q. MRCPROMO: Have you ran into any other kid Dead’s?
A. KIDDEAD: There is this one kid in Europe.. he does techno but no one in Rap..lol that’s it,
saw somebody tagged me and didn’t get a notification..that’s how I found about him..LOL

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