Born and bred in Roxbury MA, Raheem Jamal first made his name known in Boston’s Hip Hop underground scene both as an MC, co-leading Hip Hop crews Electric and Project Move, and as an urban-themed painter and visual artist.

Since then released the solo LP, Boombox, via Brick Records and has received much praise and respect worldwide. Being an earnest MC, he is proud to present his latest self released album Radiowav. The LP creates a unique blend of the past, present and future of Hip Hop produced entirely by Josh Petruccio.

The first video single “Who Am I” is a musical reintroduction for Raheem. “I been off the scene for a while so for those who don’t know me this gives a little insight. I wanted to keep it as real as possible and we shot it by the side of the road after I legit rolled out of bed on the way to pick up my son. I was like this is who I am” says Raheem.

Director Zboy aids in the vision by bringing the unfiltered visuals to life. Radiowav seeks to question the identity of rap music and culture in the world today.

“This album is my attempt to bridge two different generations of Hip Hop together… “Is it old school ? is it new school ? it’s neither, its OUTSCHOOL” says Raheem. Be the judge yourself and go to your preferred streaming platform and give a listen!

1. Introwav
2. If I
3. Its Darling
4. Crooked Lines
5. RadioWav
6. Slanted
7. Pretty Welll
8. Who Am I

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ARTICLE: Leedz Edutainment
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Raheem Jamal