Taking you back to class true school hip hop head /veteran G Supreme talks about being an influence, not selling out and keeping it real. We asked him his opinion on who had the best one liner in rap history, and he also lets us know what he thinks about popular radio and today’s rap culture.

First hip hop experience?

My brother coming home from the Airforce and letting me hear a tape of him rapping.

Who inspired you to pick up the mic?

My big brother rip.

What year did you sign to B-BOY Records?

In the late 80’s early 90’s..

Who is your demographic and are you trying to reach new listeners?

My music is for people who love Hip hop in it’s true form, not what moguls say it is.

Views on hip hop culture today?

There is not a lot of hip hop out now. There is Trap, Mumble Rap, Ganster rap etc, but the main stream is not too fond of Hip hop.

Is there anyone on the radio you listen too?

I don’t listen to radio…

Why do you think Rap /Trap became more popular than rock these days?

The music that is popular now is like that cause that is all they play, and also it makes black people look bad, there is a racist tone involved.

Most influential one liner in rap history?

“Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant ish to millions he straight up racist the sucker was simple and plain m’f him and John Wayne!”

Most influential lyricist of all time?

HMMMM.. there are many…

Strangest thing has ever happen at a show?

I’ll give you one.. there are a lot. I quit a show one time cause the producer of the show allowed tween and teen girls to have twerking dances…i was like “nope…i’m out”!

Last song you had on repeat?

‘Hit the Lever’ (hip hop forever) get the lp!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: G-Supreme