Henosis Music, led by a drumming singing song-writing rapper named Brandon Jenkins, recently released a unique sounding hip hop single called “Headphones” on all digital streaming services.

Headphones is a mix of heartfelt-universal lyrics, sprinkled with a catchy and hypnotizing melody that will stay in your head for days. Brandon, now 33 years old, says he wrote Headphones when he was 16 years old to help him get through his stuttering, and to express his deep appreciation for music. His love letter to Music.

After recently meeting Kurt Jansohn of Third Island Studios, the two began collaborating. Kurt played guitar, bass, produced, mixed and mastered “Headphones”, the melody and lyrics coming from Brandon – Henosis Music.

Cool thing about these two; Kurt and Brandon haven’t even met in person yet, but have been recording through video chat sessions from over 700 miles away, over the past few months.

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IMAGE: Brandon Jenkins