In anticipation of the forthcoming LP, Ras Kass enlists the help of DJ Green Lantern for the production and a cameo in the video for his S.O.I. 2 single, “F.L.Y.” The acronym for the record, “F*ck Last Year,” as Ras Kass lights up 2019.

“F.L.Y. is actually my ode to Prince’s 1999. It’s a Hip-Hop ‘New Year’s’ song. The triple-entendre being it’s an acronym for F*ck Last Year. and ‘FLY,’ as in ‘time flies why you’re having fun.’ Also, in the Hip-Hop lifestyle, you want to dress and act ‘fly’! It’s wavy.”- Ras Kass

“Directed by Guerilla Press and Pep Williams, the video is shot in blurred out black-and-white as Ras Kass spits tough over Green Lantern’s dark, boom-bap production. The “Waterproof MC” rhymes, “They ask me if I’m one of the best / Just think Black Thought on Funkmaster Flex / Mmmm, yes / F*ck reminiscin’, livin’ in the past sh*t / ‘Cause not everything gold is classic / All I know is get dough / Battle rapper reachin’ like a tip-toe / Today’s current currency is crypto’ / Hate to blast ya, but I have to.” The close of the except nods to The Notorious B.I.G.

As the video rolls on, Kass continues to ball out on the mic, this time with the full court press. “Every year the ball drop in Time Square / At age 12, my balls drop / Adolescent male, ball big like LaVar / Spit like Lamar / Now the Arabics still try’na get it in shalom / Get to the bag like airport carousels / Industry dudes saying ‘real Rap’ll never sell’ / You know that guy? The carrot top, the fairy tale.”

Ras Kass’ second Mello Music Group (following 2014’s acclaimed Blasphemy with Apollo Brown) features an all-star cast of producers and MCs, including Diamond D, Pete Rock, Snoop Dogg, Immortal Technique, Justice League, Cee-Lo Green, Everlast, Styles P, and M.O.P.”

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Article: Mello Music Group
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Ras Kass