Chicago’s Culture Power45 label is making waves with their latest drop. Rashid Hadee and Thaione Davis are the dynamic duo behind the boards, and they’ve just released their instrumental project, “OTG // Off The Grid.”

Wondering what makes this album special. Rashid Hadee spilled the beans, revealing that he put this gem together with his newborn son cradled in his arms. Talk about multitasking.

His little one turned out to be the unofficial A&R of the album. Through his facial expressions, Rashid would watch his baby’s reactions to the beats.

Looking for an album that’s been baby-tested and baby-approved, “OTG // Off The Grid” is your joint and it’s brought to you by Chi-Town label Culture Power45.

Check out the stamp of approval it got on Okay Player’s Mixtape Monday. These guys aren’t messing around.


1. Turning Tables 02:07

2. Bird Eye View 02:27

3. Biloxi 02:02

4. Dive 02:13

5. Heavenly Dreams 02:04

6. French Quarter 01:45

7. Window Seat 01:51

8. Blood 01:43

9. Ghost Vibe 02:04

10. Love Makes You Do Things 01:41

11. Goat Water 01:45

12. A Way from Failure 01:56

13. Chez Trugoy 01:13

14. Animal Dub + Lebombo 02:57

15. If Detroit 02:09

16. Future Leon 02:40

17. The Fury of a Patient Man 02:50

18. Pretty Clean Dirty Fun 01:44

19. Lord High 02:02

20. Bayonette 02:28