Red Apples 45’s Couple Of Slices pairs the production of Ray West and the lyrics of the legendary Kool Keith. The original cover illustration by Greg Mac depicts a futuristic pizzeria set in outer space, a perfect setting for the wizard Kool Keith to serve up slices to hungry space travelers.

Keith’s wizardry intertwines with Ray West’s melodies to create a mood of sarcastic romance at the same time setting rappers straight. Proudly recorded in the Bronx, all the writing and concepts were done together in the studio. Mixed with great detail by Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound NYC with features from AG of DITC, Cormega, 3rd Eye & Dyin Breed.

1. Don’t Let Em Lie
2. Tank Top
3. Running The Field (feat. Cormega)
4. Pointy Shoes
5. You I Want
6. Destiny’s Child (feat. 3rd Eye)
7. Love On A Red A Planet
8. John Shaft
9. I Know A Girl
10. Here To Stay
11. MC Try Outs (feat. Dyin Breed)
12. Crooked Cop (feat. AG of DITC)

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ARTICLE: Fat Beats
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Ray West /Kool Keith