Reks, the underground emcee from Mass, USA, drops “Hidden Messages In Water” in collaboration with Austrian hip-hop label SOULCHAIN RECORDS. Produced by CHILL-ILL, this 6-track EP is the 9th release in Reks’ ambitious #reksdrops33 project for 2024.

“Sunrise” opens with a happy, soulful ode to the hustle and grind, setting the tone. Track #2, “Hidden Messages in the Water,” featuring Tiffany Paige’s smooth vocals, is a straight head-nodder. “Soul Chain” takes listeners on an ethereal trip, while “Good Thing,” with Napoleon Da Legend, kicks crazy flows and insightful lyrics.

“The Thing” brings a west coast/southern bluesy funk, enriching the EP. “Breath” closes with its laid-back, soulful, jazzy vibe, leaving listeners craving more. A must-listen for hip-hop heads! “Hidden Messages In Water” is now streaming on all platforms!