RhymeStyleTroop from San Diego teamed up with the Philly producer collective The Dead Poetz Society for “The heArt of The City”.

Classic Boom Bap beats with clever rhymes, sick scratching and a lot of soul will make you listen from the first to the last song of this dope Goon MuSick release. “The heArt of The City” on Spotify.

1 heART of the city
2 Reflection
3 Originate, cuts by D-Styles ( @djdstyles )
4 In the mind
5 One life One Mic, Cuts my DJ Mista Sinista (@djmistasinistaofficalpage )
6 Battle Scars, Cuts by D-Styles ( @djdstyles )
7 Pay Homage, Cuts by DJ Mista Sinista (@djmistasinistaofficalpage )
8 Heart Chakra, Feat 60 East ( @60east909 )
9 Closure
10 Saturn Return, cuts by D-Styles ( @djdstyles )
11 Grow Thru it