It started in the early 1970’s with a commercial, a child and an idea from the Boogie down. With focused eyes RIF comes across the screen. Reading Is Fundamental was a program aimed to get young children to read but it would also change the world. A young mind added an extra F and Reading Is Fundamentally Fantastic 170 was born.

In 1971 an 11 year old master of style RIFF 170 took over the transit system and NYC with his ground breaking and next level master pieces and concepts. Not only did he set the bar for style at such a young age he wrote more than just RIFF 170.

There were his many other alias such as WORM 161, AS 2, DOVE 2, MR. 6 and CASH 2 just to name a few. Riff 170’s pieces inspired countless generations of writers to come all over the world. We are are proud to announce we’ve partnered with our friend pioneer aerosol writer Riff170 for a flash giveaway!

Riff 170 4000 IG follower Flash Giveaway Rules:

– To enter you must follow @RIFF170 and @MRCNN_RAP.

– Repost Riff 170 ‘Contest Giveaway’ image from @RIFF170 or @MRCNN_RAP IG pages.

– Tag 3 other people in your IG repost as well as tag @Riff170 and @MRCNN_RAP.

– Wait for Quiz details to be announced on @Riff170 or MRC Promo social media pages.

– Prizes: 1 Riff 170 signed print (WORM/REAL) w/ matching mug.

– Contest Starts: Feb. 21

– Contest Ends: Feb. 26 at Midnight

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