Up-and-coming Staten Island New York producer S Eyes Finest, has built a reputation and name for himself as a producer over the last few years with his hard hitting gritty production.

Today he just released his highly anticipated compilation album “WeatheredThaStorm”. With features from notable artists such as Rome Streetz, Rigz, Eto, Daniel Son, David Bars and many more.

1.WeatheredThaStorm (Feat. Rigz) 02:05
2.Stay Hiphop (Feat. Frank Castle) 02:57
3.Food for Thought (Feat. Hahyeem) 02:52
4.Survivors Guilt (Feat. Focus The Truth) 02:38
5.Da Town Wild (Feat.Tommy Whispers & Yah Sins) 03:00
6.Walk Around (Feat. Ruste Juxx) 03:15
7.Project Thoughtz (Feat. Cashmere P) 02:59
8.For Tha Culture (Feat. Chris Rivers & David Bars) 02:22
9.Lucky Us (Feat. Jay Lonzo & Skellycaps) 02:31
10.L.N.F (Local Neighborhood Finesser) (Feat. Complex Fusion) 03:22
11.All Blakk (Feat. Rome Streetz & Daniel Son) 03:09
12.Gunsmoke (Feat. Mic Picasso & Aida) 02:19
13.Slang Talk (Feat. Joe Mack, Jonny Ca$hanova & Eto) 03:18
14.All in The Eyez (Feat. J-Hot) 02:36
15.Thank You (Feat. D.O.S) 03:01
16.Better Represent (Feat. History) 03:08
17.Operation Koval (Feat. The Black Depths) 03:07
18.Do The Knowledge (Feat. Raz Fresco & Sauce Heist) 01:45
19.You (Feat. ILL Conscious) 02:36
20.Klock Tkn (Feat. Fly Anakin) 02:33
21.The Essence (Feat. Shadow The Great) 03:08

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