What’s up Tara, how did you start singing?

In elementary school I was in choir, and then I stayed in choir during elementary school and most of middle school, so that’s kind of where it all started, but I have been singing since I could talk, like literally since I was an infant.

How do you come up with your beats?

A friend of mine works with me and produces most of my shit, I kind of just find what vibes with me honestly.

Favorite singer/producer in the industry?

My favorite singer and one of my all time biggest inspirations is Sizzy Rocket. She’s this dope alternative punk artist who puts out an incredible message of loving and accepting yourself and is constantly encouraging her fans to do so and uplifting them. She’s really great at connecting with her fans on socials. She’s an incredible writer and musician, I’d do anything to have a collab with her one day.

How has covid affected you?

I have really bad anxiety about getting sick because I was sick pretty much all of 2018, so it’s just given me a ton of anxiety but other than that it honestly hasn’t affected me anymore than anyone else, thankfully.

If you could describe our president with one word what would it be?


What do you do when you’re not making music?

I work as a tutor/nanny for a second grader near where I live. He is still doing virtual learning, he’s not in class, so I go to his house during the week to work with him on his schooling. I also am taking 16 hours of classes for college, getting a degree in digital marketing with a concentration on social media management.

Dope spots to chill in your city?

San Antonio has a ton of great museums that I enjoy. Another favorite spot is the strip downtown, it’s a street of LGBTQ+ bars and it’s a really chill and inclusive environment for me.

Favorite sneaker or brand apparel when out and about?

My favorite sneaker is the Jordan 1. I prefer the full on high tops, but I like the mids as well.

Ever heard of a rapper name Jess Latino?

Yes actually! I remember vibing to his song 3rd Coast when it came out in 2017. Super talented dude.

Last words or shouts outs?

Keep listening because there’s more shit to come, and it’s even better than what you’ve heard so far.

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