Sha-Elemental of EXP The Expendables from gritty Haverhill MA is a pure uncompromising Hip Hop artist. After grinding it out in the New England music scene and dropping numerous group and solo projects, he rebounds with a new single Ultimate Warrior determined to stay motivated under all conditions.

Sha raps from a more honest perspective addressing personal experiences including issues that led him to being homeless sleeping on coaches. The track is produced by The Beat Nerd from Columbus OH who chef’d up the instrumental specifically for Sha.

“I wanted to tackle some more personal things and once I heard that sample “Ultimate Warrior” popped in my head as a theme/metaphor for my personal struggles that I wanted to cover. I think the verses and video pretty much speak for themselves and I think people are gonna fux with this one… EXP Bitches!!!” says Sha. Be on the lookout for a video coming soon. “Ultimate Warrior” is available now on your preferred digital streaming platform.

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IMAGE: Sha Elemental