South Florida Alt-Hop Emcee, SHOTTIE, is leaking classified information on his upcoming MOSKVITCH series, his long-awaited return to the rap game.

After a brief break from the mic to establish himself as DRE TORRES, Script Writer, Graphic Novel Author (Popova), Movie/Music Video Director, and Film Producer, along with launching the HUMAN SUSHI Podcast, SHOTTIE is back with his first docket of dirt, PURE GRATITUDE.

The 1st single, Produced by long-time accomplice TEV95 (95Labs) is full of juicy tidbits of info to get you ready for the album to come. Rumored to be a 3 Part Series, MOSKVITCH is slated to start leaking next Week. Press play and get familiar with the Spy everyone loves to hate.

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IMAGE: Shottie