“A Soulful Taste Of Jazz: The Royal Blew Experience,” is an album that stands as a testament to the boundless power of dreams.

Crafted by two visionary dreamers, SkyBlew and Scottie Royal, this masterpiece meshes together a tapestry of jazzy hip hop.

At the core of this album is SkyBlew’s lyricism, a breath of fresh air that carries uplifting and inspiring messages. His words evoke vivid imagery and every verse unfolds like a painting.

Scottie Royal adds depth with his beats providing backdrops that transport listeners to the realm of authentic hip-hop. “A Soulful Taste Of Jazz: The Royal Blew Experience” flawlessly fuses jazz and hip-hop, skillfully blending soulful samples and melodic beats.

Released July 21, 2023, this gem captures the dreams and aspirations of its creators. Each song is a testament to the power of their creativity and imagination, showcasing how dreams can shape and mold reality.

All songs on the album are written by SkyBlew, and Scottie Royal takes the role as the producer, mixer, and mastermind behind the entire production.