Indianapolis’ voice of reason takes shape in the form of rapper Skypp who Friday released his full-length album KING OF INDIANA along with the music video for the track “Sundown Town, USA.”

In the video, Skypp takes listeners to “the middle of the map,” using his art to speak his truth about the diversity issues the city, and country, faces, stating in the song “it’s time to reinvent” his home state. Ready for change, images of Skypp tearing down a confederate flag early in the video immediately speaks volumes of the message that he has had enough of the racial injustices he sees on a daily basis.

“‘Sundown Town, USA’ is one of the most important tracks from the album,” Skypp says of the track. “I want to spark and engage in those uncomfortable conversations that need to be had and the messages in ‘Sundown Town, USA’ are the most important conversation to me. Let’s come together and end the division. Let’s bring equality to our cities, states and the nation. And it starts with our history.”

A career that has embodied growth, and maturation through the years, Skypp’s message of introspection, self-awareness and empowerment is a far cry from his idea of rap dreams when he first started writing rhymes in 6th grade. Once enamored by the facade and lifestyles of industry rap, the humble King of Indiana is looking to make a difference, more than a dollar these days, working in schools and around the community as a living example of his words on wax.

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