“Released on 10.6.23, on the Supa Sounds LLC record label (D.C.), Sleep Sinatra and Original Super Legend have joined forces to present ‘Sleep Studies,’ an eight-track classic.

This high-quality vinyl release was pressed on virgin wax, for the best audio experience.

With only 25 copies available for purchase, this unsealed but unplayed record comes in a protective plastic sleeve, featuring tracks written by Sleep Sinatra and produced by Original Super Legend, along with dope cover art by Dada Soulface.

1. White Judgement 02:33
2. Powerton Lake 01:27
3. Ghost of Danny Smith FT Vic Spencer 02:45
4. Mandela Thoughts 01:54
5. Furious Styles’ Newports 01:57
6. Charles Darwin vs Jim Baker 01:32
7. Robert The Bruce FT Race Bannon 02:33
8. Meal Ticks 01:54