An introduction to Son Brave and his Psychopathic Narcissistic Notes EP, “Ghost of Escobar” sets the stage for an MC exploring what it means to have a voice in the world.

Psychopathic Narcissistic Notes, is a loose homage to many of the rappers Son Brave was inspired by growing up. In the 90’s, rappers often adopted the persona of an infamous crime figure. Nas adopted the Pablo Escobar name to express Pablo’s “Robin Hood or Villain” dichotomy.

This path, the benefits and its downfall are reflected in the track, “Ghost of Escobar”. Son Brave pays homage to other iconic rappers through the naming of each song on the EP.

The video “Ghost of Escobar”, is a callback to Nas Escobar and was directed by Gdai, edited by Son Brave and produced by James the Saint.

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Son Brave Drops EP 'Psychopathic Narcissistic Notes'


01. My Life

02. Ghost of Escobar

03. Murda Muzik (Like We Do)

04. Rocwitchu (Ft. Amorous Ebony)

05. Pac Tearz