Jibriyll Izsrael provides a very visually powerful video. The imagery alone is enough to cause a stir. He puts the plights of African American’s everywhere on “blast”. Some of the images are a bit gory but is necessary to get his point across. There are a lot of clips and pictures sprinkled throughout the whole music video. There is one quote that directly correlates with the idea behind this masterpiece. “A brief taste of chaos will remind them why they crave obedience”.

In the music video there is a lot of organized chaos and mentions of being a martyr as well as people killing each other senselessly. I believe he is letting everyone know that the chaos is already happening and now is time for African American’s everywhere to work together instead of against each other to demand the respect that is needed, but, in order to gain that respect, African American’s first need to be obedient to one of the oldest biblical passages “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thy love thyself.”

His flow is very hypnotic and very aggressive at the same time which is an odd combination, but it works for him, especially for this song. This is a very bold move to introduce such a touchy subject to a culture that is blinded by the newest fads, but, it is a necessary evil. Jibriyll Izsrael forces injustices down your throat by coating it with his flow and word play. Although it is coated with his talent, it still doesn’t make that pill any easier to swallow.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Jibriyll Izsrael