For this review, we will be reviewing the last product I got from Dymond concentrates.

Today we will be dabbing Sour P THCA diamonds for today’s wake and bake. Let’s see how these diamonds compare to the BSCTI THCA diamonds we had before.

Sour Pinot is a sativa-dominate hybrid strain by crossing Sour Diesel and Granddaddy Purple together. These diamonds have an impressive 91.8% THC level and less than 1% CBD.

The terpene profiles that give these diamonds their taste are Limonène, Myrcene and Pinène. The Sour P THCA diamonds look really impressive when you first see them.

The diamonds are fairly large with a few small broken chunks. The larger diamonds are easy to break up with your dab tool.

The Sour P diamonds do not have terp sauce with them. When this happens.. I usually tend to add the diamonds with another concentrate. I find that I don’t enjoy diamonds on their own as they don’t hit as
hard or give you a strong effect.

The two concentrates I added the Sour P diamonds to were Sophie’s breath live resin and Pound CK live resin badder. I picked these two as I find that they went well with the diamonds and made for a stronger dab.

The 3 dab test went really well with these diamonds and the concentrates they were added to. Each dab was pretty strong where you felt an effect after each one.

The terpene profiles from the diamonds went well with all the other concentrates I tried them with. I enjoyed the high as it wasn’t overwhelming and didn’t leave you on the couch just watching videos.

Since these are sativa-dominated these are great for during the day when you want to be creative, be active or eat a good meal/some of your favourite munchies while watching a show or two.

Overall I did really enjoy these diamonds as I think these are the strongest ones by Dymond concentrates. They take lower strength dabs and gave them the extra kick they needed.

I would for sure get these again in the near future to dab again. The only thing I would like is if the diamonds came in their own terp sauce but other than that I am still happy with this product and what it does.

Sativa strains may not be for everyone so be mindful as they may cause anxiety or can make you feel paranoid. This is different from person to person who uses cannabis.

By T-Will