South London rapper Caskie delivers impressive launch as a solo artist with ‘3rd Eye Shut’ a fast paced focus on the fake, the fraudulent and the struggle…

‘3rd Eye Shut’ is the first single from the new EP by South East London emcee Caskie. The video which dropped on Friday was premiered on Wordplay Magazine.

Attacking the beat with his relentless flows and articulately condensed rhyme patterns, Caskie remarks on the on going struggle faced by the many, whilst addressing the urgent need to shine a light on the dark.

“Everything around us in terms of the social and economic landscape today seems geared to mislead or misinform us… from crooked politicians to so-called gangsters…. the narrative rewrites and perpetuates itself daily.”

In context of the superficial, fake and fraudulent society in which we live, Caskie uses the music video to illustrate the way in which mainstream media can deceive and manipulate the public’s perception.

The soulful melody works as a more calming foundation to digest the emcee’s content..

“We gotta shine a light in the dark, tell a truth from a lie, the two coincide //
Third eye shut who do you trust? Progression is a must i ain’t getting left to rust”

The accompanying video, referencing 1980s John Carpenter movie ‘They Live’, was shot, edited and produced by Nicholas Tate of Deaf Nick Visuals who was also responsible for the visual effects.

After spending many years as a session drummer and backing vocalist, he was also a member of the group Dusty Stragglers alongside Flabz, Sylva Grey and producer Peter Coates.

“I’m an all round musician whether im rapping, co-producing playing drums, guitar or bass I’m always trying to add to or evolve. My flow has developed from my knowledge of drumming. I use syllables almost as snares and high hat rhythms to funk up the flow. The subject matter is always changing but mostly centers round social scenes which I can twist metaphors from. Lets keep it different!”

Caskie has since turned his attention to his solo material, and come out of the shadows with his debut EP ‘Ways To Stay Broke’, out September 5th, 2020.

Led by ‘3rd Eye Shut’ the EP is set for release Friday August 14th on all streaming platforms.

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ARTICLE: The B Blunt Agency
IMAGE: Caskie