We recently caught up with Dj Fonki Chef and he dropped names of MC’s/crews from Spain and tells us about some dope club spots to check out in his country and more. Peep his latest YouTube hip hop mashup below..

Peace fonki cheff, how long have you been djing?

Hi! I been doin’ it since the mid-90s but with cd equipment or my friend turntables, didn’t get my own technics till 99 (You know how expensive it was been a DJ back in the days) XD

How you get the name??

I studied at the kitchen school and bought my equipment working as a cheff, and fonki is the way funky is pronounced in Spain.

What is ‘Skills and Records’ about?

That’s something I took from a DJ shadow / Cut chemist video (I think it was Brainfreeze) where Chemist said that about Shadow and it describes pretty well what I do, 50% skills 50%records.

Who are some dope hip hop groups from your country?

Solo los Solo is a classic hip hop group, I like everything about them also Opepe, Doble v, Jazz two, Tremendo just to name a few, and these days there’s a new project I’m in love with, its called Bejo x Cooking Soul, they just released a new album and is a Bomb!

How has the lockdown affected your hustle?

To me was not bad, I finally had time to organize and clean my record collection that is something I would never do if there was no lockdown, also I started my DJ classes online where actually I’m teaching people in USA, Mexico, Australia, Sweden so I can say I been pretty busy, and of course doing daily streamings and growing my social media community.

The videos of you with all the vinyl records how many are there?

I never counted them, A lot of them, been collecting for many years and I really like playing them, I do Serato sometimes too but is not as good…

Where do you buy your records at?

I’m kind of an old school digger and I like going to flea markets and thrift also I do Bandcamp buying straight from the record labels.

Best hip hop or reggae events to see in Spain?

Spain is a land of festivals, there´s plenty of them for any style you like, Then there is clubbing like Marula Barcelona and Roots club Castellón where there’s a lot of good DJs coming.

Best underground hip hop club(s) in your city?

I´m from a tiny town called Benicarló in the Mediterranean sea, there are no clubs here, we do parties sometimes but there´s not any club with music I´m related.

Last song you had on repeat?

With a record collection like mine, you can not have a song in repeat…but LTD “Love to the world” is a song that been in my head for weeks and still trying to find the 45 of it!!!!

Last words or shout outs?

Salute to all the readers of MrcnnLive and my friends here and there… also check Fonki Cheff on all social media for new mixes and live streams. Peace!

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IMAGE: Dj Fonki Cheff