How long have you been emceeing/rapping?

I have been emceeing/rapping since just 8yrs old, way back in ’88.

Currently what’s the underground hip hop scene like in your city?

To be honest, I personally haven’t been paying too much attention to the local scene in a while. Cause I have been too busy working on a couple projects.

And also some collabs/features on the side! But, last I knew of the local underground scene here..there is a couple decent dudes here. And then a bunch of people that wanna do this music shit. But don’t seem to want to invest the time, effort and money into themselves or their dream(s)!

How many joints have you done with Ruste Juxx?

Damn..Let’s see..My guess would be 26? Juxx and I have been recording together since 2011. Several joints have been for an unreleased album of his (International Juxx Vol.2).

And then he appeared once on one older album of mine. 5 times on my last album (Come Prepared). I was on his International Juxx Vol. 1 album. And, Ruste and I have been working on an upcoming collaborative album together! It’s about 75% done now.

I am producing the whole album. And we are both rhyming crazy on it! And so far got a few of my homies to feature on some tracks. Prodigal Sunn of Wu-Tang’s Sunz Of Man, Dom Pachino from Wu-Tang’s Killarmy, Skanks The Rap Martyr from Bankai Fam. And, the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s son, Young Dirty Bastard is hopping on a joint with us too!!

Craziest experience with a collaboration?

Man, for me it would be when I flew out to the Bronx. And recorded there with the homie, Ruste Juxx! We sat and wrote together outside a cemetery. And then went and recorded right after.

And to say I recorded music with such a legend as my bro, in person..and recorded in the Mecca of Hip-Hop. It get’s no better!!!

As far as craziest bad experience.. I almost wanna expose a dude I had a lot of respect for. But I won’t drop his name. But will say he is well respected in the underground. And we planned to collab. And he wasn’t professional at all. And it cost me some time and money!

Any new music we should know about?

Yeah, currently working on the Ruste Juxx & Rezivor collaborative album. And also working on two other albums too! Come Prepared 2 and, Nuclear Barz. Both those are about 60-70% done too!

Any shows coming up?

At this time, unfortunately not. But we will see what happens with this upcoming collaborative album?! It’s that raw, classic 90’s east coast Hip-Hop/Rap music Hip-Hop heads love and miss!! So we gotta rock a few shows, haha…

Do you do collabs, can artists or promoters contact you?

Definitely. I also have beats for sale too! And might throw in a free verse to someone really about this music! They can contact me on my Instagram. Or my Facebook artist profile/page, Rezivor.

Favorite spot(s) in your city to eat?

Dinardi’s. It is actually an authentic NY pizza (and pasta) spot. The original location is in Yonkers. But some of their fam opened up a Dinardi’s here. Zip’s! which is a local burger spot. And for taking my wifey, Karen on a date….Europa it is an amazing Italian restaurant!

Favorite hip hop radio or podcast in your city?

Honestly, we are lacking that here. We have a commercial/modern “rap” station. But I ain’t feeling it, man haha…Wish my answer was better for this!

Goals for the rest of year?

Continue to progress with this music and, my art (drawing and painting). Finish a few house projects. And of course keep raising the kiddos with my wifey, haha!

Last words or shouts??

Shout out to my baby, Karen (I love you). Shout out to the homies Ruste Juxx, C-Rayz Walz (free Walz), Prodigal Sunn, Dom Pachino, Skanks, Young Dirty Bastard, Enoch, Barzan The Havnaught, C.A.U.T.I.O.N., Andre, Knowledge 10-5, and all the other friends and fans that have supported my music and art!!!

You can listen to and/or buy old albums of mine on search Rezivor. And listen to music and sneak peek of music on my Youtube channel Rezivor since93. And my Instagram @rezivor THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TIME AND SUPPORT, PEACE!!

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IMAGE: Rezivor