Hey, Boombap enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the latest release from L- One, a talented German hip hop producer from the city of Munich.

L-One has blessed us with a discography that’s filled with exceptional beats and tunes, attracting listeners from every corner of the globe. L-One’s musical journey has been marked by a gang of releases, each one showcasing his dedication to the craft. Take a quick look at some of his most notable titles:

1. “Dogmatikers Elfen” – Collaborative LP with Grasime & D-Fekt (2014)
2. “Et Qui Knocks” – Limited Edition Cassette with Nino El Dino (2015)
3. “At The Parkbench” – Limited Edition, Numbered CDr Album with Dens (2016)
4. “Halbe Im Viertel” – Album on Bumm Clack (2017)
5. “Farska LP” – Three versions released on Beat Art Department (2017)
6. “Medusa” – Three versions released on Beat Art Department, 58Beats (2018)
7. “Kompass” – Double LP with LeoLex on Bumm Clack (2019)
8. “Kompass Instrumentals” – Cassette Album on L-One’s Self-Release (2020)
9. “Farska EP” – CDr EP self-released by L-One (Unknown release year)
10. “Peace Tape” – Stereo Compilation Cassette featuring L-One, Grasime, Hans Hustle, and Mr.Polaroid on Bumm Clack (2016)

I stumbled upon L-One through a Beat Tape Co-op tweet, from the cover of the SP1200 it caught my eye so I had to click on the link. From jump the beats had me nodding my head non-stop! The way L-One samples and blends his instrumentation, melodies and beat programing was really refreshing.

L-One’s “ATP Instrumentals” C90 Tape are 35 bangers total, it’s a true heavyweight that spotlights not only his skills as a producer but also the creativity of the entire former ATP Crew. This compilation of instrumentals spans the years from 2013 to 2022, offering a window into their collective dopeness and genius.

As you listen to the mix, you’ll notice the unmistakable aura of boombap authenticity and vintageness infused into the beats. This comes courtesy of the revered SP1200 drum machine, which serves as the beating heart behind many of the banging rhythms. The SP1200’s distinct sound is truly something special, and it’s awesome to see L-One & ATP Crew paying homage to this legendary instrument.

A special shoutout goes to German producer Glammerlicious and others, who played a role in preserving L’s SP1200. With their expertise in teaching and repairing these cherished pieces of musical history, they’ve ensured that the SP1200’s iconic beats continue to inspire future generations of producers, just like L-One and the ATP Crew.

The “ATP Instrumentals” C90 Tape, made its way into the world July 13, 2023, released on Munich-based record label FASTFORWARD.

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