A Q&A Interview with Fla based artist Mehtah

Where’s Home?

St. Petersburg, Florida born and raised.

Favorite track(s) or album(s) from your catalog?

That would be ‘444’ ft. Daylyt and ‘Edo Tensei’ from my albums ‘Ancient Future’ and ‘Infinite Tsukuyomi’.

What music artist(s) would you’d say inspires you the most?

Lil Wayne and capital Steez..

How would you describe your style of rap and beats?

Order out of chaos.. I choose gritty, dark sounds and I drop the most high vibrational bars on them as it reflects the time and space we are in.

They say the new St. Pete took the club scene from Tampa, how do you see hip hop culture within that frame?

Hip Hop is all encompassing, so where ever you hear sound you will find Hip Hop present..

Do you think the Burg gets it props for lyrical emcees? Are you slept on??

Yes and no this city has a lot of unique emcees, some of the best in the world I know because I was born here..

Place(s) to see a cypher or some real hip hop in your city?

Downtown St. Pete where ever the collective Outback House has a show.

Any shows coming up? How can promoters get at you?

Next year I have two festivals line up and ten shows from here to California. You can reach me through my IG or email @Whoismehtah.

Long term goals in the business?

Free my OG from the contracts that have them enslaved and reinvent the way Hip Hop and music is experience or as the teacha Krs One says Hip Hop on a higher level..

Last words or shout outs??

Shout out to my Tribe at Secret Energy and my teacher Sevan Bomar and my Clan Outtabody.

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IMAGE: Mehtah