Stank Nitty returns with a new Deuce Ellis produced track featuring Bub Rock.

Stank Nitty combines street but lyrical Hip-Hop with a psychedelic experimental vibe. Raised in Durham North Carolina, Nitty was exposed to Hip-Hop at an early age via his Uncle and Punk Rock Dad.

Music took a back seat as Stank became embroiled in the street life, selling drugs. By 16 Stank Nitty was living in a group home and performing around the Raleigh Durham area doing open mics at Local 506 in Chapel Hill hosted by Kaze and often DJ Flash. J-Cole also got his start in the same place.

Eventually Stank moved to Northern California where he he worked on Hash and Pot Farms for approximately 6 years and was completely out of the music scene. After that stint in Norcal he moved to Peru and got involved in the Hip-Hop scene there using the name Sanity and linked up with D Spliff via Soundcloud. He got a whole lot of writing, recording and performing in the Cusco area during that time.

After making a name for himself in Peru Nitty moved to NYC where he linked immediately with Kenyattah Black and then Deuce Ellis who he helped build Cult Classics LLC. Stank Nitty made his presence known in the NYC underground and eventually dropped a single with El Da Sensei of the Artifacts and Sympl entitled “Nuthin Free” still using the name Sanity.

After that single Nitty transitioned into using his current name Stank Nitty and released the group album with Deuce Ellis – Murder of Crows. One of the singles “100’s of Spliffs” featuring Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah / Bootcamp Clik. The track was produced by Deuce Ellis who also did the hook.

Also around the same time Stank Nitty and Deuce Ellis met Popa Wu through Kenyattah Black who helped mentor Cult Classics LLC and did several songs with team. Stank Nitty released a solo album entitled “Sanity” produced by Kings County Lighthouse in 2020.

Several singles were also released “Freedom” ft Lordwillin prod by Deuce Ellis, “Hunger Games” ft Kenyattah Black prod by Contrabass and Drums and “Bass with Art God” prod. By Contrabass. Currently several more singles are coming to then be followed by the Ketamine Cowboy album.

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