Stewie Grey, formerly known as Greyhound, is a rapper from Massachusetts with a unique talent for melodies and speedy flows. Born and raised in suburban Belmont, he developed a fascination for punk music in the 6th grade, then picked up bass at 11 years old, and eventually developed an interest in Hip Hop through Eminem, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, and many others. Stewie then had a rough few years as a teenager where he used and abused drugs until getting sober at 19. Now with over 3 years clean, he channels recovery through his music. Since then he started to develop a buzz through doing local shows in New England and collaborated with Kyle Bent, Ren Thomas, Aristotle Jones, Hero the Emcee, and Yung Steen.

Today marks a new beginning with the re-release of his first LP Out The Shadows Reloaded under his new name “Stewie Grey”. “I feel like Greyhound represents the old me. Not the confident me, but the intimidated me. The beginning of my journey. It’s not memorable either. The world will remember me as “Stewie Grey” – it represents who I truly am. A kid from the suburbs who grew up listening to Hip Hop and decided to rap” says Stewie. The revised album is a collection of his best songs he has recorded over the years on his way to become the next worldwide phenomenon

1. Narrow
2. No Sense feat. Kyle Bent
3. Do Not Disturb
4. Dreamin’
5. Out of Time feat. Ren Thomas
6. Wise Man
7. Aimin’
8. Raudi feat. Hero The Emcee
9. Out the Gate
10. Pipe Dream feat. Aristotle Jones
11. Suicide Note

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