Boston’s Alternative Hip Hop group STL GLD have been steadily captivating crowds, winning awards, and pushing their music experience beyond traditional ways. After the success of their last three LPs, they return with a new abstract video single ‘My Block’ under disastrous times.

“Hip Hop is the escape for me. It’s a place to shed pain, cry out loud or scream. This song describes the energy I needed to get out my front door every day for most of my life and there is no lie here. My block is scary, the world is scary, but I’m gonna survive and make you fear me if I got to” says Moe Pope.

The video was recorded over a few months during Covid-19 lockdown and shot on each band member’s cell phones with Matt Watkins added animation to help bring it to life. “With “My Block”, we wanted to begin to explore some new sounds, keeping things really raw and visceral” says The Arcitype.

The band maintains their creative mission by piling in a gang of people to chant the chorus as well as recording some additional vocals on the hook thru a mini cassette tape recorder from the 90s that Arcitype stole from his Dad. “I shook the tape player while it was playing and it added this awesome warble effect that really gave us a unique sound to play with in the mix. We all really just loved the feel of how this song came out and it felt like a good one to set the tone for where we’re looking to go sonically” says Arcitype.

Check out “My Block” on youtube and your preferred digital streaming platform now via AR Classic Records.

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