Today we are going to be doing something different for this review. We are going to be doing a movie review.

The movie that we are going to be reviewing today is one that came out in the early 80’s and for sure had a big impact on many around the world.

The movie that we are going to be looking at today is Style Wars. This movie is about different subcultures in NYC such as Style writing, Hip-Hop and Bboying.

The movie Style Wars was directed by Tony Silver and produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant and first appeared on TV in 1983 and a year later in theaters.

Henry Chalfant became friends with a lot of the writers while taking pictures of the master pieces that would pass by on the trains in NYC which helped in making this film.

Style Wars mainly covers the subculture of style writing during the early 1980’s as its main focus but breaks down Hip-Hop and Bboying culture. Some of the B boys and groups in the film are the Rock Steady Crew and B-boys like Crazy Legs, Ken Swift, Frosty Freeze and more.

Even though writing culture started in the 1960’s it really briefly talks about writing during the Master Piece Era during the 1970’s with only one scene where they mention 60’s writers like JULIO 204 and TAKI 183.

This film gave the public an inside look of what it was like to be a writer in NYC from the tunnels and yards, to the writers bench, beefs and even the politics.

Writers like BUTCH, CAP, DEZ, DONDI, DUSTER, KASE 2 and SEEN and many more take you to the side of NYC most wouldn’t know.

Overall I think Style Wars is a pretty good movie and has become a cult classic in itself over the years.

Style Wars alone is one of the reasons many people began to write all over the world after they saw it on their TV in 1983 for the first time.

If you haven’t check it out yet make sure that you do as it’s pretty interesting and can show you some insights of what was going on back then in NYC with these different subcultures and the people behind them. By @torontowill.mrc