The enigmatic emcee Sun Zulu joins forces with soulful producer Mydus to explode onto the scene with their brand-new single Raised In It, an epic introduction to their latest collaborative album Asrah.

“Raised in It” is an account of Sun Zulu’s life that delves into his upbringing to define his identity. The proclamation, “for the forgotten — my ancestors!”, comes at a time where the senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and countless others have united the voices of millions of people around the world with the call of “Black Lives Matter”.

Sun’s lyrics display a complex simplicity that showcases why “wordplay is (his) best weapon” and melds with the infectious and sophisticated production of Miami-based maestro Mydus to offer listeners insight into the narrative of Asrah.

The authentic visuals were shot & edited by Sun’s company True & Livin’ Development and beautifully compliment the themes of identity through subtle touches, such as home movie footage and the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Raised In It indeed highlights the importance of Hip Hop in breaking free from the constraints which limit our expression and is a track to stand up and take note of from the steadfast music creatives.

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IMAGE: Sun Zulu