In the 80’s and early 90s, vinyl records and cassette tapes played a key role in shaping hip hop culture as the primary medium for music distribution. However, with the rise of CD-Rs and compact discs, vinyl records and cassettes faded into obscurity.

Fast forward to the digital age of today, vinyl and the humble cassette tape are making an unexpected comeback. In recent years, cassette tapes have seen a resurgence, fueled by nostalgia and a desire for physical music experiences.

Enthusiasts and collectors are rediscovering cassette tapes, appreciating the warm analog sound and the physical product of the format. In an era dominated by digital streaming platforms, the return of cassettes provides a special type of listening..

Collectors value the tangibal nature of cassettes, from the feel of the tape itself to the artwork of the cover. Cassettes have recently become sought-after items for underground hip hop merchandising.

Check out the Bandcamp scene, where DIYers are churning out tapes that would make your OG uncle bust a move!!

Adding a modern twist to the cassette tape revival, the street fashion label Supreme recently collaborated with Maxell to release a limited edition line of cassettes.

Supreme X Maxell Cassette Tape

Supreme Walkman

The cassettes feature the iconic Supreme logo and colors. This collab blends the old-school appeal with streetwear culture. The streetwear giant has also introduced a Supreme Walkman, available in a red hue and featuring a transparent design.

Collaborations like Supreme’s Maxell cassettes and the Supreme Walkman are a reminder that analog is having the last laugh in this digital age!

But beware, if you’re looking to score these relics on the Supreme site, you might be late. Fear not, eBay and StockX are your digital alleyways, but be prepared to drop some serious dough!

Supreme x Maxell Cassette Unboxing Video!