New album from ChillHop Publishing ‘Field Studies Vol. 1’ by Sweatson Klank released 2-16-22.

Sweatson Klank delivers a coincidentally sweaty and funk-infused chill hop soundscape that hydrates the soul.

I love it when artists incorporate a vibe in their track, and with a title like “Love at The Swimming Hole,” the first thing that hits you is the natural sound of it. It molds and shapes forest sounds into a funky and soulful beat sample that whooshes past now and then just to remind you of its electric roots.

A track that hits its thematic point so accurately can only be commended. It is welcome at a lodge overlooking the so-called “Swimming Hole,” but it’s also welcome in a deep city social.

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ARTICLE: Indie shuffle
EDITOR: Mikky George
IMAGE: Sweatson Klank